Current Project: "Squeaky Singles" series of performances

"Following the success of the CAP project. The WCM orchestra will be starting their 3rd series of new music influenced by early 20th century Neo Classicism combined with instrumental pop music of the late 50's and early 60's.

Musicians include: James Hesford – cello, violin, guitar, Alfia Nakipebekova – cello, Martin Radford – cello, Sergio Laviola – guitar/bass, Marc Layton-Bennet – percussion, Neville Murray – percussion, Brett Findlay – percussion, Mikey Kirkpatrick – flutes, Aidan McConville – horn, Josie Simmons – saxophones and flutes, Caroline Rawlinson – piano, The Angels of Kaos – mixed choir.
  CAP (Cellorhythmics Acoustic Project)
WCM (Working Classical Music) Orchestra

"Cellorhythmics Acoustic Project was a monthly series of 10 concerts, devised by James Hesford and the classical cellist Alfia Nakipbekova in collaboration with film maker/designer Chiara Ambrosio.

Each episode featured a new composition and a new instrument was added to the ensemble. As the series continued the group grew organically from a quartet to a small orchestra - WCM (Working Classical Music)Orchestra,

The concept of synchronicity and chance played an important part in the creative process. Like using found objects in sculpture, harmonic and rhythmic material, titles and even additional instruments were sourced from whatever presented itself as a “happy accident”. The theme for each Episode was derived from the title (“a found object”) of a new composition"

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  Posters for series of performances. design by Chiara Ambrosio
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